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Our Parish Mission is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ's family and nurture their spiritual development.

Sermons 2011


Date Sermon Title Gospel Reading
Dec. 24 Fr. Marty at the Christmas Eve service. Luke 2:1-20
Dec. 18 Rev. Wendy at the 9:30 service. Luke 1:26-38
Dec. 11 Fr. William at the 9:30 service. John 1:6-8, 19-28
Dec. 11 Rev. Wendy at the 11:45 service.
Dec. 4 Rev. Wendy at the 9:30 service. Mark 1:1-8
Nov. 27 Fr. Marty at the 9:30 service. Mark 13:24-37
Nov. 27 Rev. Wendy at the 11:45 service.
Nov. 20 Fr. Marty at the 9:30 service. Matthew 25:31-46
Nov. 20 Rev. Wendy at the 11:45 service.
Nov. 13 Fr. Sandino Sanchez at the 9:30 service. Matthew 25:14-30
Nov. 6 Fr. Marty at the 9:30 service. Matthew 5:1-12
Nov. 6 Rev. Wendy at the 11:45 service.
Oct. 30 Let go, and let God show you the way to the promised land. Matthew 23:1-12
Oct. 23 God’s purpose for us is all about love – loving our God and loving our neighbors. Matthew 22:34-46
Oct. 16 By living our faith everyday, God is the guiding force in our lives, shown in kindness to others Matthew 22:15-22
Oct. 9 All are invited to the feast of life. What attitude are we “dressed” with? Are we worthy to enter? Matthew 22:1-14
Oct. 2 We are called to be good stewards of God’s gifts we are given; we don’t earn or own them. Matthew 21:33-46
Sept. 25 Though we all fall short of doing the will of God, none are excuded from His loving mercy Matthew 21:23-32
Sept. 18
Be filled with envy or with grace: our blessings are not by our earning, but God’s generosity. Matthew 20:1-16
Sept. 11
In forgiveness, we set ourselves free to move on, just as we are forgiven through Christ Matthew 18:21-35
Sept. 4 Take hurts and resentment not to each other but to God and be a bridge to each other Matthew 18:15-20
Aug. 28
Stay in relationship with Jesus when in despair, for He will always give us a second chance. Matthew 16:21-28
Aug. 21
More important than our words is living lives of compassionate self sacrificial love as Jesus did. Matthew 16:13-20
Aug. 14
God calls us to expand our vision and open ourselves to a wider view of his love Matthew 15: 10-28
Aug. 7 In the storms of life, be open, vulnerable and keep focused on Christ Matthew 14:22-33
July 31 * Special Associate Priest Announcement from Father Marty *
July 31
Bring what you have to God; He will take, bless, break & give to satisfy our spiritual hunger Matthew 14:13-21
July 24
Food for the Poor: Giving in the name of Jesus to alleviate poverty in the third world Matthew 13:31-33,44-52
July 17
Leave judgment to God; for we are all good & evil, darkness & light, a duality of flesh & spirit. Matthew 13:24-30,36-43
July 10 We plant seeds, sometimes with unexpected results, but for the glory of God’s plan, not ours Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
July 3 Only when we seek the yoke of Jesus do we find true freedom to be who we are called to be Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30
June 26
In this season of green, let us be God’s blessings to others in the small things we do Matthew 10:40-42
June 19
The dance of the Holy Trinity; a perfect relationship between God and all people for all time Matthew 28:16-20
June 12
If we listen for the “tapping” of the Holy Spirit, it will radiate from our lives to all people John 7:37-39
June 5 Seek true conversation with God for unity with each other, protection from the forces of evil John 17:1-11
May 29
Allow the Holy Spirit to push us into a greater, more fulfilling relationship with God John 14:15-21
May 22
Senior Sermon by Garrett Gellermann John 14:1-14
May 15
Jesus, our shepherd, is a leader who truly cares for his flock, laying down his life for us John 10:1-10
May 8
Do not miss the evidence in life’s everyday blessings for life and resurrection Luke 24:13
May 1 We are all doubters, in training to learn and grow spiritually John 20:19-31-35
Apr. 24 What has gone before allows us to transcend the pain of this life into His resurrection Matthew 28:1-10
Apr. 17
Jesus leads to the way of freedom from oppression, what holds us down in this life Matthew 26:14- 27:66
Apr. 10
Trust in Jesus to overcome our arrogance when we try to change God instead of ourselves. John 11:1-45
Apr. 3 Vision: removing our blind spots to move forward on our spiritual journey John 9:1-41
Mar. 27 The kingdom of God is available to us if we open ourselves to a relationship with Jesus John 4:5-42
Mar. 20 Open the door of divine conspiracy to reveal the richness of God’s love for us John 3:1-17
Mar. 13
There are no shortcuts; temptations are opportunities for growth, to say yes to God Matthew 4:1-11
Mar. 6 Be open to the mountaintop experiences of the majesty of Jesus in our lives Matthew 17:1-9
Feb. 27 Stop worrying; seek first the kingdom of God and Earthly concerns will be satisfied Matthew 6:24-34
Feb. 20 With wisdom, non-violence, Jesus diffuses hate and promotes peace & understanding Matthew 5:38-48
Feb. 13
In our hearts, may our thoughts and feelings lead us down the path of righteousness Matthew 5:21-37
Feb. 6 Jesus calls us to be “salt”; and calls forth our goodness to make a difference Matthew 5:13-20
Jan. 30
The only thing that keeps us going is the promise of Jesus: we are blessed Matthew 5:1-12
Jan. 23
To follow Jesus, we need to step out in faith to make a commitment Matthew 4:12-23
Jan. 16
Accents of intolerance divide us; be known by the Christian accent of our actions John 1:29-42
Jan. 9
In the Epiphany God is manifested; we are baptized into the body of Christ Matthew 3:13-17
Jan. 2 We receive the gift of Jesus in the midst of chaos if we are open and searching Matthew 2:1-12

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