St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

3300A South Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33435-8661
Office Phone: 561-732-3060 - Fax: 561-739-9173
Our Parish Mission is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ's family and nurture their spiritual development.


Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

Who are we? We are all women of the Episcopal Church; Rooted in our past and growing into God’s Future.The structure of ECW has its roots in the local congregations. Each level makes its own unique contributions to the mission and ministry of women. The work flows from the local congregations to the Diocesan ECW Boards to the Provincial ECW and lastly to the National Board of ECW.

What is our purpose? We strive to assist the women of the Episcopal Church to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world and to take their place as leaders in the life, governance, and worship of the church.

What do we offer?
• Spiritual growth and nourishment.
• Fellowship
• Opportunity for service to our church
• Community Outreach (Food for the Poor; Forgotten Soldiers; Palanca; etc.)
• Socialization and Friendship
• Connection to a worldwide network of Anglican Women
Affiliated Organizations
• Anglican Council of Indigenous Women
• Church Periodical Club (CPC)
• Daughters of the King (DOK)
• Episcopal Women’s Caucus
• Episcopal Women’s History Project (EWHP)
• Girls Friendly Society
• Miles of Pennies (MOP)
• United Thank Offering (UTO)


Episcopal Church Women’s Prayer

Almighty God, we pray that You will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world. Make us so thankful for the power of Your love, given through Your Son, Jesus, that we may pray, labor, and give liberally to make known that love thoughout the world. Bless us that our lives may shine forth the joy and wonder we share in Your name.

About our Logo

The Cross represents Christ and our service to Him in the world. The Circle stands for our hope for wholeness in our lives. The out flowing lines from the center depict the many works of Episcopal Church Women going out into the world. The intertwined lines represent our lives centered in Christ.
Note: This information is taken from The Episcopal Church Women publication.

Contact: Gail Drane 561-266-2135


Sassy Sewers

To help where we can.

Activities: To sew clothing
To make quilts for the baptismal chests
To stitch crosses for the newcomers bags
To create all kinds of gifts for the bazaar
To help repair costumes
To remember the sick and shut-in with baskets
To knit and embroider
To send get well cards to parishioners
Contact: Marla Peck 561-732-3617

Service times: Every Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



To bring all people into the fullness of Christ’s family through friendship and fellowship. To provide a fun and festive atmosphere for parishioners/friends/family to fellowship together
To give our parishioners an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with each other.

Activities: To decorate tables where event is to be held
To set-up tables and chairs
To order food from caterer or coordinate individuals bringing a dish to share
To serve food (unless caterer providing services)
To clean-up area where event was held; and cleanup of kitchen (put things away)
To wash table cloths, if necessary
To take trash to dumpster
To make sure leftover decorations are stored away after event.

Service times: Events include Fall Kick-Off, Annual Meeting, Valentine’s Dinner & Dance, Lenten Suppers, Seder Supper (Maundy Thursday), Easter Brunch, Annual Picnic, Bishop’s Reception

Contact: Phyllis Roberts 561-740-7430


Parish Food Ministry

A Ministry with NO meetings?caffee

Recipes….Cooking….Storing……Delivering….. Can you create, cook, pick-up or deliver food? This ministry provides meals to parish families in their time of need–personal, medical, family emergencies, etc.

We have and need recipes to share. You have the kitchen and talent to cook? The church has the freezer to store. And you or someone you know will want to deliver?

Remember, many hands make light work. It’s easy, it’s flexible… Just ask, “How can I help?”

How does this sound to you? For more information speak to
Rosalind Murray 561-901-1875


Coffee Hour

Provided each Sunday after the 9:30 Mass.

Herb Collins 732-2700 and Pat Shanley 369-1873


Foyer Dinner Groups

Foyer Dinner Groups started at St. Joseph’s Church about ten years ago. They are fun groups of 8 people, both young and old, newer and older parishioners alike, single people and couples. The groups form 3 times per year; January – April, May – August and September – December. Foyer Groups are a way to really get to know fellow parishioners and form wonderful and lasting friendships. We recommend everyone trying this purely social aspect of parish life as a way to find out about your fellow parishioners who may attend a different service from you, and to learn more about what is going on in your church community.

The host is in charge of the main course and wine and asks each of the other
members to bring a salad, dessert, appetizer, etc. to round out the meal They
host the dinner at their house and then together at the end of the dinner they all decide whose house and what date it will be the following month. This goes on until everyone has a chance to host a dinner (4 dinners in 4 months). In groups where there are singles and everyone wants a turn, you sometimes must plan for more than one dinner in a month. Some singles join up with another single member in their group and host one dinner together. At the end of 4 months, new groups are formed.

If you would like to join but don’t have a large enough space for hosting 8
people, just let Lynne know and she will put you in a group with some singles
so everyone doesn’t need to host a dinner at their house. There are also “adult
only” groups and groups where everyone brings their children.

Contact: Colleen Fritts 561-317-2511