St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

3300A South Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33435-8661
Office Phone: 561-732-3060 - Fax: 561-739-9173
Our Parish Mission is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ's family and nurture their spiritual development.


Adult Bible Study

To provide a setting for the study of God’s word in an informal, creative, relaxed and fun setting.
To lead a group in reading and discussion of Scriptures, reflecting our Episcopal understanding and theology, as well as scholarly and historical information.

Activities: To attend weekly Bible Study
To prepare for weekly Bible Study
To arrange for room
To conduct prayer and sharing time
To oversee meal fellowship (if necessary)

Service times: Monday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Reports to: Fr. William Stomski 561-732-3060


Ministry of Mothers Sharing

A six-week program designed to develop awareness of a woman’s spirituality and to appreciate her special ministries. Take a couple of hours each week to develop a greater awareness of your own spirituality and to appreciate the ministry of your motherhood.

Objective: To assist women at St. Joseph’s to grow spiritually.

Service times: Sessions occur twice a year.
Contact: Dee Zlatic 561-732-3060



Cursillo, a Spanish word meaning “a short course”, is a movement within the Church intended to help Christians know God’s love and grace and to help these same Christians discover and live out their personal vocations in the world. For more information go to

Contact: Barbara MacKenzie 561-585-9557



The purpose of the librarian at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church is to organize and make accessible the books and materials to nourish the congregation’s minds.
To organize a system to make finding books easy.
To enter the books into a database
To update the database for the congregation to access materials

Activities: To catalog books and materials
To classify books and materials
To label books and materials using coding system
To enter new materials into database
To provide training and labeling the computer to provide access of system

Service times: Flexible, particularly during summer months

Contact: Barbara Wegner 561-432-6132