St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

3300A South Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33435-8661
Office Phone: 561-732-3060 - Fax: 561-739-9173
Our Parish Mission is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ's family and nurture their spiritual development.



Technology Ministry (Communications)

• Website
• Calendar (web based)
• Carpenter newsletter
• Technical Ministry
• Public Relations / Communications
• Photo Gallery (web based)
• Church Historian
• Sign Ministry

Support other Ministries by providing:
• Presentations (power point / Easy Worship / video)
• Audio (including recording and web posting)
• Lighting
• Publishing / print and web based / original art
• Photography (still & video)
Calling all geeks and nerds…


Technology Ministry

To support worship of word and sacrament with the mechanics of sound, lighting, and audio-visual. To assist in the flow of worship in regard to sound, lighting and audio-visual

Activities: To develop systems and technology to handle lighting, sound, and audio-visual
To maintain and update technology as needed and when feasible
To make recommendations for improvement and updating
To supervise, oversee, and train any persons who will do hands on with the technology system

Service times: Worship service times as needed; Special events.

Contact: Sherry Thomas 561-704-6414


Newsletter, “The Carpenter”

To create a “monthly” (quarterly or when needed) newsletter for all members and churchgoers. To provide communication vehicle to the whole parish by mail and/or the web
Activities: Ask Vestry “bucket” heads for articles, updates, activities, goings-on within their ministry
Collect photographs of baptisms, weddings, dinners, and other events happening within the church

Service times: Monthly or quarterly publication

Contact: Rich Haney 561-634-1169


Photography/Photo Gallery

To take photographs of events at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church
Objective: To assist public relations, church archives by taking photographs of people and events at the Church.
Activities: To take photographs of people and events at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church

Contact: Church Office for more info 561-732-3060


Public Relations

To increase awareness of Saint Joseph’s Episcopal Church to the outside community

Activities: Write and issue press releases
Place advertisements in local papers as appropriate
Compose and place advertisements in newsletters such as Leisureville
Advertise on web-based sites
Assist with general marketing activities

Contact: Karen Antonucci 561-369-4756


Church Historian

To increase awareness of Saint Joseph’s History and relate it to our present. Keeps track of historical documents.




To bring new members to St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church
To spread the word that the Episcopal Church is here for them
Make our activities known to prospective members to that they can see what a fantastic congregation we have
To provide communication for ministries
To provide the weekly sermon and announcements to those who did not attend a service
Keep out-of-state members up to date on what is happening at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church; To grow church membership
To provide easy access to information about church activities via the internet
To save the history of St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church and make it available to all
To provide individual ministries with easy communication and recognition
To allow the sermon to be heard by those who are homebound or not members of the church

Activities: To maintain the church website
To record the weekly sermon and announcements and make them available for download from the website
To maintain an internet group for sending weekly announcements and a link to the sermon
To set up web blogs for each ministry, to train members how to use them, to allow individuals to learn
To allow the history of each ministry to be automatically saved on their blog

Contact: Susan Oakes 561-432-4633