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Sermons 2010

Date Sermon Title Gospel Reading
Dec. 26
We need the storms and darkness in life to have the courae to appreciate the light of Christ John 1:1-18
Dec. 24
Leave behind all the would prevent Jesus from entering our hearts Luke 2:1-20
Dec. 19
Allow God to remove our fears and enter into our hearts with perfect love Matthew 1:18-25
Dec. 12

Be aware: do not allow doubt and fear to prevent us from seeing God’s bountiful blessings Matthew 11:2-11
*Fr. Marty and Demery Zlatic: Magnificat*
Dec. 5 Go out on a limb for the fruit of the kingdom with the support of God Matthew 3:1-12
Nov. 29 Advent: a new opportunity for us to re-prioritize, to focus on what matters in our lives Matthew 24:36-44
Nov. 21
Christ, king of all aspects of our lives, is with us in challenge and comfort. Luke 23:33-43
Nov. 14 How far are you willing to go for the Gospel? –The Rev. Patsy McGregor Luke21:5-19
Nov. 7 Our hope and focus is not on our present way of being, but in eternity with Jesus Luke 20:27-38
Oct. 31
Sainthood: to be in this world, but not of this world Luke 6:20-31
Oct. 24 The kingdom of heaven is among us if we let go of pride and are rooted in God Luke 18:9-14
Oct. 17
Pray always and never lose heart, never give up for God believes in us always Luke 18:1-8
Oct. 10
The attitude of gratitude: It is right to give to God thanks and praise in good times and bad Luke 17:11-19
Oct. 3 Even the smallest seed of faith can be used by God Luke 17:5-10
Sept. 26
Blessings are not earned, but freely given by God, if we let go of judgments Luke 16:19-31
Sept. 19 Despite our brokeness, we are called to be the presence of Christ in the world Luke 16:1-13
Sept. 12
Jesus leaves no one behind; leaves all to find the lost Luke 15:1-10
Sept. 5

In counting the cost to follow Jesus, we receive the peace that passes all understanding Luke 14:25-33
Aug. 29
Humility allows us to see our worth, our belonging to God; to guard against pride, despair Luke 14:1, 7-14
Aug. 28
Mass for Rick Marconi: Live life, love, forgive others & yourself, worry not, God is with us Luke 12:22-34
Aug. 22
Standing straight with hope allows us to have Jesus ‘unbend our backs’ with his healing Luke 13:10-17
Aug. 15
From the faith of Jesus we carry the fire of grace into the world Luke 12:49-56
Aug. 8
Faithfulness and service is rewarded in God’s time, not excesses our time Luke 12:32-40
Aug. 1 Resist the lure of mindless greed for possessions which distract us from God’s love & grace

Luke 12:13-21
July 25
In prayer we seek, knock & ask God for His blessings in intimate conversation, listening Luke 11:1-13
July 18 Worldly distractions and worries take us away from passionate spirituality, joyful service Luke 10:38-42
July 11
Eliminate needless hurry to realize the opportunities God presents us to to love each other Luke 10:25-37
July 4 From difficult experiences God uses us to know His true power, true freedom Luke 10:1-11, 16-20
June 27
When we find our focus, we allow love to show us a way to serve each other Luke 9:51-62
June 20
The power of Jesus allows us to be instruments in God’s healing Luke 8:26-39
June 13
Through Jesus, God’s all encompassing Grace transforms us, works through us Luke 7:36-8:3
June 6 No matter how desperate, when we are open to God’s compassion we receive healing

Luke 7:11-17
May 30
To experience the Trinity is to understand that there is no place that God is not John 16:12-15
May 23
Pentecost Sunday: Senior Sermon: Charlotte Gorant and Kristin Wegner John 15:26-27,16:4b-15
May 16
‘That we all may be one’- unity, not uniformity, is what Jesus wants for us John 17:20-26
May 9
Like motherly love, God’s love for us is unconditional John 14:23-29
May 2 Jesus’ new commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you”, reconciles us to God

John 13:31-35
Apr. 25
Proof of our Christianity is how much of His love are we living John 10:22-30
Apr. 18
Amazing things happen when we allow God to use our fire and passion John 21:1-19
Apr. 11
Doubt leads us to the paralysis of fear, or to peace which passes all understanding: Faith John 20:19-31
Apr. 4 The tomb becomes the womb, as we are reborn into eternal life by Christ’s resurrection John 20:1-18
Mar. 28
Let us confront our fears which prevent us from entering Jerusalem with Jesus Luke 19:28-40
Mar. 21
In God’s extravagant love we get a glimpse of the heavenly afterlife which awaits us John:1-8
Mar. 14
Grace is God’s unconditional extravagant love and mercy for us poured out Luke 15:11-32
Mar. 7 Want to find yourself and God? Love the unlovable; pour yourself into someone else

Luke 13:1-9
Feb. 28
When we let go of fear and face the truth, we become what God enables us to be Luke 13:31-35
Feb. 21
Temptation is the opportunity God gives us to put into practice what we commit to do Luke 4:1-13
Feb. 14
The glory of God, revealed in us, is reflected in each other, and in our love Luke 9:28-36
Feb. 7 God’s call comes to us in the midst of our uncertainty and doubts. Luke 5:1-11
Jan. 31 Rt. Rev. Leo Frade: We must prepare ourselves for life’s disasters; God is always with us Luke 4:21-30
Jan. 24 The kingdom of God is ours, here and now, through Jesus Luke 4:14-21
Jan. 17 Jaime’s Prayer for Haiti;Fr. Marty’s Haiti Update
Jan. 17 Reluctant heroes sacrifice something for the greater good, in service to God John 2:1-11
Jan. 10 Transformation, commitment, solidarity & prayer renews our relationship with God Luke 3:15-17, 21-22
Jan. 3 We are called to find Christ not only in the stable, but everywhere we are in life Matthew 2:1-12

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