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Our Parish Mission is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ's family and nurture their spiritual development.

Sermons 2009

Date Sermon Title Gospel Reading
Dec. 27
For unto you a savior is born: Jesus comes to us in the midst of chaos. John 1:1-18
Dec. 24
Let Jesus be born in our hearts; the babe who comes and waits to enter our lives Luke 2:1-12
Dec. 20
Celebrate Advent: Good exists even in the midst of darkness, bad times Luke 1:39-55
Dec. 13
When we put aside our own arrogance and pride, we are open to receive God’s joy Luke 3:7-18
Dec. 6 True inner peace comes when our tasks are aligned with our vision Luke 3:1-6
Nov. 29 Advent: The season of Hope and waiting: Reflect on what really matters Luke
Nov. 26
Thanksgiving: the gifts we receive are not for what we do, but that we are, from God Matthew 6: 25-33
Nov. 22
The Kingdom of God is not of this world; such discontent centers and comforts us John 18:33-37
Nov. 15
Rev. Robert, M. G. Libby, Food for the Poor; Our alms give hope Mark 13:1-8
Nov. 8
We are all dependent upon the mercy and grace of God Mark:12:38-44
Nov. 1 As saints, we are called to continual spiritual growth, reconciliation, peace, healing John 11:32-44
Oct. 25
We are called to have spiritual vision; to see with the eyes and mind of Christ Mark
Oct. 18
Our passion, our joy, when directed, focused will reveal the glory of God in our lives Mark
Oct. 11
To make God #1, we must let go of our earthly concerns Mark 10:17-31
Oct. 4 With no boundaries in faith, we have wholeness and integrity with God

Mark 10:2-16
Sept. 27
God calls us to be salt for the earth: Link to sermon’s video
Mark 9:38-50
Sept. 20 Sevanthood means using our gifts and ministry in the service of others Mark 9:30-37
Sept. 13
“Take up your cross”:the individual challenges of our lives God uses to strengthen us. Mark 8:27-38
Sept. 6 Who are we? Intercessors for each other with compassion and mercy

Mark 7:24-37
Aug. 30
We open our hearts to draw others into the love of Christ Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23
Aug. 23
The Bread of Life: we re-commit to our priorities, define who we are John 6:56-69
Aug. 16 Welcome Jesus in your heart not as a guest, but as an inhabitant John 6:51-58
Aug. 9 Our hunger can only be satisfied by Jesus, the Bread of Life John 6:35, 41-51
Aug. 2 Look to Jesus, not fixated on earthly needs and wants, but for spiritual food & eternal life

John 6:24-35
July 26
Miracles can be anything which strengthens our faith John 6:1-21
July 19
Resting in God’s quiet time & place, away from life’s hurry,we listen, learn & understand. Mark 6:30-34, 53-56
July 12
Our choices, our actions matter only to an audience of one: God Mark 6:14-29
July 5 Jesus was rejected, his message not heard among his own people; let us hear and share it

Mark 6:1-13
June 28 Jesus’ healing power can make us whole Mark 5:21-43
June 21
Fear not: move forward, but look backward; Jesus always shows up for us Mark 4:35-41
June 14
Earthly words are inadequate to describe God’s Kingdom of hidden treasures Mark 4:26-34
June 7 Trinity Sunday: We are children of God by water and the spirit: Fr. Sandino Sanchez

John 3:1-17
May 31
Senior sermon, Jack Stahl: Hear the acoustics of the Holy Spirit all around us John 15:26-27, 16:4b-15
May 24 In prayer, communion with God, we find strength and focus John 17:6-19
May 17
In the Eucharist, Jesus, the new Passover Lamb, is so much more: the totality of God’s love John 15:9-17
May 10
The Vine and the Branches: Abide in Me; find a home in Jesus, connected to his life force John 15:1-8
May 3 I AM; God is outside of our restrictions of time, dimensions, and human perceptions

John 10:11-18
Apr. 26
We find God in our stewardship of all creation; look closely, see the risen Lord in each other Luke 24:36b-48
Apr. 19
Fear, not doubt, is the opposite of faith. Doubt is the precursor of our faith John 20:19-31
Apr. 12 He is Risen! From the darkness, we step out in faith to experience Christ’s resurrection. Matthew 28:1-10
Apr. 5 Jesus’ love for us endures all Mission Trip Collects
Mar. 29
The Rev. Monte Tiller: Humility & servanthood: It’s not about us, but others John 12:20-33
Mar. 22
Forgiveness is love: understanding, listening, letting go, and letting God John 3:14-21
Mar. 15 Ms. Andrea Thomas, Lay Preacher: Communicate Love with words, kind and gentle John 2:13-22
Mar. 8
Selfless love to us is God’s nature; and should be our expression to others Mark 8:31-38
Mar. 1 The purpose of our time on Earth is to love as Jesus loves us Mark 1:9-15
Feb. 22 Journey from our lows to the mountaintop to see God blessing and strengthening us Mark 9:2-9
Feb. 15 If we insulate ourselves, we isolate ourselves from each other; take a risk to be healed Mark 1:40-45
Feb. 8 Morning Prayer: Make an appointment with God to start the day with strength, renewal Mark 1:29-39
Feb. 1 “Look beyond the problem and see me” Jesus, the author of our imperfection, salvation Mark 1:21-28
Jan. 25 Repent: To think again. God calls us and perfects us along the way Mark 1:14-20
Jan. 18 If we allow God to lead, we discover our true purpose in this life John 1:43-51
Jan. 11 Baptism symbolizes our commitment to God, “You are my beloved” Mark 1:4-11
Jan. 4 Epiphany-manifistation: Find Jesus in all people and every part of ourselves Matthew 2:1-12

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