St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

3300A South Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33435-8661
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Our Parish Mission is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ's family and nurture their spiritual development.









The mission of Saint Joseph’s Episcopal Church is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ’s family and nurture their spiritual development. We are so proud our church continues to focus outwardly, on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with our surrounding community. We are convinced that is why we have continued to prosper and grow.

However, we have reached a stage in our life together that our main focus of “bringing more people in” has presented us with growth opportunities:

  • Our initial moment of truth is when people arrive on our campus. On every busy Sunday, there is limited room for visitors to park near the entrance to the church.
  • Similarly, at our main Sunday service, we experience 70%-80% capacity, which statistically may tell visitors we need to make room for them at the inn.
  • If those visitors are families with young children, they walk to the end of the campus to find nursery care for their children.
  • If these same people desire to join us for fellowship events, the current parish hall space is limited as is the adjacent kitchen.
  • Likewise, when outside groups or our own internal ministries wish to utilize meeting space on our campus, space is precious.
  • When those same visitors enter our office space, they experience offices functioning as storage space and several other services…This sends a positive message, to everyone, growth is timely.

Our plan for the new facility is simple. It is neither elaborate nor extravagant. Our goal is to be inviting, comfortable, functional, and attractive.

  • Additional parking to accommodate major events and worship celebrations
  • Additional seating within the Church
  • Larger parish hall and kitchen
  • Expanded Storage Space
  • Expanded Meeting accommodations

As we continue our second 50 years as a parish, we share a vision that includes growth on our journey of faith. Like champions of the faith before us, we stand on the edge of God’s Promise. We ask every member and guest in our family, every person who shares in our ministry, and everyone who enjoys the heart to see the Gospel in this beloved spiritual home, please do three things: Pray confidently, Commit boldly, and Give generously and sacrificially. The time has come to step up and out in faith. God has provided us with the vision to “Make Room at the Inn”. May we open the doors of our hearts as we turn our goals into reality!

See the proposed architectural plans for our expansion:

Church, Parish Hall & Larger Site Plan

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