St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

3300A South Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33435-8661
Office Phone: 561-732-3060 - Fax: 561-739-9173
Our Parish Mission is to bring all people into the fullness of Christ's family and nurture their spiritual development.



To work with the Rector and Vestry to establish an annual budget, monitor performance against budget, coordinate all financial matters of the parish with accountants, Vestry and Diocese.

Activities: To work with the accountant, staff, volunteers, Vestry and Diocese on profit and losses, budget, balance sheet, investments, cash management, chart of accounting.
To work with volunteer regarding income.
To work with volunteer regarding expenses.
To work with Fr. Marty and Vestry
To work with volunteer regarding pledges
To work with Finance Committee
To work with Stewardship Committee
To work with Benevolent Fund Trustees

Service times: Four to ten hours per week

Contact: Erik Hvide 561-738-2156


Pledge Ministry

Activities: To assign and distribute pledge numbers and envelopes throughout the year
To enter contribution/pledge data on a weekly basis
To create and mail quarterly contribution statements to pledging members
To assist parishioner with contribution questions and statements
Distribute tax letters for various gifts to St. Joseph’s
To assist Treasurer with organization of bank statements.

Reports to: Treasurer



Contact: Lorraine Baker, Erik Hvide: 561-738-2156, Chris Metzger, Bob Lees: 561-732-3060


Money Counters

To glorify God by providing an accurate accounting of the financial gifts of pledging members. To facilitate the posting on contributions of pledging members
To properly code deposits to the appropriate accounts

Activities: To accurately count money
To accurately fill out deposit slip
To accurately apply income code
To facilitate a proper budget code
To bring financial concerns to the attention of the Treasurer

Service times: Anytime after Sunday services through Tuesday. Deposit to be ready by Wednesday following services.

Contact: Bob Lees 561-732-3060